capsule endoscopy

capsule endoscopy
what is a
capsule endoscopy?
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Imaging the small intestines is best done using a capsule endoscope (Pill Cam). This is a small swallowed camera that is disposable. It sends signals to a belt that you wear from when you swallow the camera in the morning, to when you return to our office in the afternoon.

Prior to the pill cam you will be provided with full instructions, which you can also download from the below links. The day before your procedure you will need to be on clear fluids only. A small amount of prep (less than 1/3 of the preparation for a colonoscopy) is used to cleanse the small bowel the evening before the test. No sedation is required, as the pill cam is very small and easy to swallow. It typically causes no pain or discomfort.

We would like to know if you are pregnant, or have any implantable electronic devices before you have a pill cam.

On the day of the test you would arrive at 8am, and be fitted with a belt and shoulder strap. You are then given a small drink and the capsule to swallow. People usually go to work, go home, or out shopping or to the movies at this stage. You will need to return the belt and shoulder strap at 4.30 pm so that we can download your images.

This test is extremely safe.  Some minor risks are discussed in the downloadable information sheet.  You should not have an MRI until you know that the capsule has passed.

You should follow up with the doctor who ordered the test. Sometimes people do not notice that the capsule has passed, and we need to do an X-ray to make sure that it has left your body.

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