iron infusion

iron infusion
what is an
iron infusion?
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An iron infusion is a way of replacing iron stores through the vein.

You may need to have this done if you have low iron stores, and have not been able to take iron replacement tablets/liquids. Alternatively, you may have been taking oral iron replacement, but not had a rise in your iron levels. Infusing iron is very safe, and in recent years, has become quite fast (taking only about half an hour).

There are small risks of having a reaction to the infusion, and if the infusion tube comes loose, there is a small chance of having a stain on your skin that can stay for some time.

If you have private cover, iron infusions can normally be done ‘on the day’ in the infusion centre downstairs at Sydney Day Surgery: SDS. If you have Medicare only, then an appointment can be made at Gloucester House Level 5 (a very short walk from Alfred Gastroenterology).

It is normal for the doctors to want to check to see that your iron levels remain elevated or do not fall too fast following an infusion. Blood tests are usually required at 3 months, but sometimes earlier or later depending on the specific needs of your case.

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